Monthly Archives: March 2007

no long a card carrying member of the UK workforce…


Finally have managed to finish off everything in the office and as of about 5 minutes time I am officially unemployed! So no more free shampoo, makeup and styling products, no more glamorous nights out at hairdressing awards, no more five star hotels or trips to Paris, Dubrovnik and New York, no more free ski trips, drinking champagne in hot tubs under the stars…and this is definitely the last time my hair will look presentable for the next 13 months! But then again, lying on beaches in Brazil, diving in Thailand, trekking in Nepal, tango dancing in Buenos Aires – I think I’ll cope!

the end in sight

5 working days left in the office.
17 days left in the country.
One more vaccination jab to have.

One supplier piss up, one zone meeting, one leaving work meal, two dinner parties, one spanish lesson, two handover notes to finish, a brunch, sunday lunch, two final packing days and one final glorious farewell boozer before I leave London!

Sunshine in Glasgow?

I’m definitely a big fan of Glasgow especially when there are rare hours of sunshine to enjoy. It’s not as pretty as Edinburgh but it’s far more quirky, the architecture is more handsome and rugged and it doesn’t have that slight hint of trying to hard to please the tourists!Yesterday, after a grueling early morning start and airport traumas, due to the new one-bag-in-the-hold regulations (I smuggled two 200ml styling products through security!), I eventually got up for a few meetings with work and then found myself at a loose end for the rest of the afternoon. Not to be defeated and not having found an internet cafe in the centre, I opted for resource number two and phoned my Dad. On his recommendation I ended up taking a taxi out to Pollock park and spending a happy few hours sauntering around the Burrell Collection.  >>Burrell Collection

It’s a beautiful glass and wood building with a warren-like collection of rooms containing the life time collection of art, sculpture, tapestries, paintings, ceramics and furniture collected by Sir William Burrell. Having made a rather large fortune in the shipping industry of the early twentieth century, he spent his final decades collecting art of all shapes and forms. Everything from Egyptian artifacts, to Elizabethan needlework, Degas pastel sketchings and Chinese Ming vases. Two hours later I decided to practice independent travel on local transport (in view of my upcoming year out) and managed to get a minibus to the park’s entrance and a bus back into Glasgow city Centre. Now Glasgow is hardly the most obscure place to travel around – although with some accents you hear around here it could be….I then spent a happy hour drinking coffee in Waterstones (coffee shops in bookshops – the one think we can be grateful for the Americans for) and flicking through travel books before heading down to the West End. Sadly here my luck with the weather ran out and on the 15 minute walk to my friend Ali’s house, Glasgowsuddenly remembered that it hadn’t got a reputation on being a sunny and warm weekend destination, and rained ferociously on me all the way. Right now Ali’s boyfriend Rob is coking up roast chicken and ratatouille for dinner and then we are off to see the Australian dance company – what that will be like is anyone’s guess! A cultural evening of dance apparently – and to think I wasn’t aware that there was any Australian culture, just kidding!Sunday

So it was “Held” we went to see last night by the Australian Dance Theatre, and it was really interesting, totally unlike anything I have ever seen. There was a hugely talented photographer, Lois Greenfield, who was on stage taking mid-air photographs of the dancers, capturing shapes and positions that you would simply have missed just by looking which then appeared seconds later on two large square screens on stage. She also took multiple exposure shots of the dancers as they moved limbs or positions so that there bodies remained still and you’d see the shapes of 10 arms or legs creating arcs of motion. Really fascinating.