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ten signs that you are a travelling geek

Me the Geek Disturbingly the part of work that I am enjoying the most is creating our posters and brochures for World AIDS Day and playing around with new software, finally my pretensions of being a graphic designer are all coming true! Not to mention all the exciting formulas I have introduced into one of the Nutrition program databases. Finding all this a little worrying I wondered if I’d been displaying any other geek-like behaviour on my travels...

  1. You are completely stumped when an airline issues you an ‘actual’ ticket, surely they did away with those things years ago?
  2. The first thing you ask someone when exchanging contact details is “are you on Facebook”
  3. Not content with just an email address you pass your website and blog address to people you meet
  4. The first thing you do when entering a new country on your travels is update your Places I’ve Been application on facebook
  5. You are completely bewildered when friends at home email to ask what you’ve been up to, surely they’ve been diligently reading your blog every day?
  6. The first thing you do when sitting down in an internet cafe is check for a Skype headset and USB ports
  7. You are carrying more blank DVDs, USB drives and memory cards than pairs of underwear
  8. You major form of communication with your Dad is reading each other’s blogs
  9. You are biased towards booking hostels and guesthouses that are so you don’t actually have to talk to anyone in person
  10. You wonder if maybe you could have backpacked with your laptop after all….

Honestly it’s a wonder that I ever get laid at all…